Excellent and Competitive
Make baking elegant

Multi-function high - equipped cooker/Mixing/Blender/Stir

  • Monstera series won the German iF Award
Excellent appearance&Strong competitive
Anytime, anywhere · Hands free
  • Powerful Motor
  • 5-gear speed
  • iF Awards
  • 3-D Design
  • 2-rod Design
  • 3.5L Capacity
Healthy Living
Encounter nature,add some green to life
Unique design close to life
Only for better user experience

Humanized detail design

All kinds of food can be handled easily

"Pop- up "head lift

The accessories can be replaced easily

emission hole

Fast heat emission,Longer life span

Non-slip rubber feet

Ergonomic grip provides increased stability and control feeling



Built-in quiet pure copper motor,Overall optimization of gear transmission structure,kneading sound is lower than 75dB

1-gear knead the dough on low speed

kneading sound is lower than 46dB,it is soundless

5-gear High-speed

kneading sound is lower than 75dB


Double type dough kneading stick · dough making expert

Imitate the manual dough mixing technique, and the stirring is powerful and can reach the touch effect evenly and quickly

Double type Stirring Bar · Egg Dispenser

The secret weapon of the baker can quickly produce rich and delicate effects and produce light pastry food

Large area uniform mixing

The cage type stirring rod is designed to fully and evenly mix all kinds of food materials


5+P-- speed control button, precise control

(Knead dough):1-3 gear,(Beat egg whites):3-5gear,(Mix salad):3-5gear

Storage& accessories

Wrap around cord storage on bracket,convenient to store,save more space

one key operate

Ergonomic design ,easier disassembly